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Ker Lann Best Western Hotel

One hour by car from Saint-Malo

Just an hour's drive through beautiful Breton landscapes will take you from Ker Lann Best Western Hotel Rennes to Saint-Malo, the "City of Corsairs"...  and it would be a great shame to miss out on this coastal adventure! A stroll along the ramparts, built by one of Vauban's architects, will give you a first sight of all the beauty and charm of this Breton port with its unusual military and trading history. In the footsteps of famous historical figures like Chateaubriand and the privateer Surcouf, both born in Saint-Malo, you'll be able to explore the city's celebrated sites at your own pace, like the local castle of the Dukes of Brittany and above all the cathedral of Saint-Vincent, with its unmistakeable silhouette visible from any point in the walled town.

After dawdling on the sea-front to admire the full diversity of the vessels and often frenetic activity there, why not explore some more nearby sites. The Fort National and Fort du Petit Bé can both easily be reached at low tide. If curiosity takes you as far as the island of Grand Bé, you could even take a few moments to pay your respects at Chateaubriand's tomb.